About shop MaximDeo.Ru

On the website retail prices are specified, concerning wholesale purchase prices address on email maximdeo01@gmail.com or by phone +7 (495) 222-18-26, 8 (800) 333-07-56

MaximDeo.Ru -one of the largest online stores selling cosmetics in Moscow. We have been with you since 2006, and it is for a long time.

Recently (2010) we began to act also as the producer of cosmetics (antiperspirants Max-F, deodorants Max-BIO, and other means), now doubly understanding all importance of goods which we sell. All this time our team tries to follow such qualities as: high standard, quality of service, availability of information. Every year our clients become more and more, and we believe that we do our job «perfectly». Thank you for choosing MaximDeo.ru!